Hannah has competed in FIRST since 2013, starting with FLL, moving up to a competitive FTC team, and winning a special award at the FRC World Championship.

FTC and FRC are competitions in which competitiors construct a robot that can complete a series of tasks while being controlled by a driver and an assistant driver. Hannah currently serves as manager of the outreach program, inspiring young at-risk students to pursue STEM through robotics, and enjoys building the robot with the team.

Team 5257 with awards

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 5257 Eagles Robotics Xperience

Team 5257 qualified for the state championship, winning two awards at regionals and an award at state.

Team 8844 Athena before competition

Hannah with the robot

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 8844 Athena - All Girl's Team

This match went poorly

Team Owltonomous

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 7152 OWLTONOMOUS

Team 7152 won the Rookie All Star Award at the South Florida Regional competition, and participated in the World Championship in Houston, TX, where they won the Rookie Inspiration Award and advanced to the quarterfinals of competition.

Rookie All Star Award

Star Wars costume theme

Drive Team

Team 5257 after the 36 hour build challenge

Team 5257

Reviewing the Engineering Notebook